Family Portrait

Was cleaning through the closet in the guest room, looking for kids' art to frame, when I stumbled across this family portrait.

Look at all the smiley, happy McFry guys.  
All except one.

I remember when he did this.  I asked him if he thought I was sad all the time.
I don't think he said yes.  
Obviously I was so traumatized I must've blocked it out.
Keep in mind, I had three children then, the oldest of which was 4.  And I was nursing, so no wine.
The truth is, that's probably how I looked at the time.
Frustrated.  Exhausted.  Stressed.
It's a good thing he lacked the artistry to draw yoga pants and tattered men's shirts covered in spit up.

Now it makes me laugh.  I've framed it and it's going to find a place of honor in our home.

1.  Because it's so innocent and honest.
2.  Because it's hysterical.
3.  Because it's a reminder that your children can see you more clearly than you can see yourself sometimes. And what they see is really all that matters.


Wendy Martin said…
God, you have such a way of seeing and saying things. Put this in a book. You have a gift.
I love the line about children seeing you more clearly than you see yourself! Way to embrace a time in your life that maybe wasn't the easiest, but still was beautiful!

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