Ode to Third Grade

Oh 3rd grade, how I despise thee –
the tests upon tests
of matter, mass and volume
and forces at rest.

Oh 3rd grade, how I loathe these
big research projects with
oral presentations and bibliographies
and other such nonsense.

Oh 3rd grade, how I dread thee –
I am so tired of studying
endless ancient cultures 
like Greece, Rome and...Mali?

Math hall of fame, math Olympics, math menus.
Interactive notebooks, study guides and math menus.
All give me nightmares.  (Especially math menus).  

Reading logs?  Really?  
What happened to trust?
I’m not organized enough to keep that thing up.

Besides, it’s bedtime,
the poor child is sleepy,
and after hour spent on homework,
she’s usually weepy. 

And don’t get me started
On the dreaded SOLs.
An expectation that’s already
Putting her through hell.

She’s struggling and struggling 
and struggling and struggling.
Bless her baby heart, 
there’s no end to the struggling.

She’s trying.  So hard.
You have no idea.
What she must do to keep up…
it’s truly unreal.

She works hard, oh so hard
Harder than you will ever know.
To constantly, constantly, constantly show 
That she’s just as smart, just as fast, just as clever.
And that you should never, no never say never.

But she’s willing and strong and utterly capable
Just give her a chance to show you she’s able.


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