Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It Worked!

Lawd have mercy.  I never thought I'd see the day!

Little Meems is outside playing with her brother and a neighbor.  Apparently, there was a bit of a disagreement???  I use question marks because I walked outside to get something, to find Little Meems on her way inside to me.

"Mommy, we were playing, and..."  I held up my hands, said "I don't want to hear it, work it out amongst yourselves."

"OK," as she did a 180-degree turn to report back to the boys.  As they came around the corner to plead THEIR cases, she corralled them and redirected them back into the yard, saying "she doesn't want to hear it.  Let's work this out."  I admit, I listened for a bit to see if a backyard brawl would ensue, and soon enough, I heard screaming.


And, now, of course, I'm DYING to know what the whole thing was about.  But I won't ask.  Because that would defeat the purpose.  And it's the principle of the thing.  And I accomplished one of my goals in life, however fleeting that victory may be.  Because it WILL be fleeting.

And because I really don't want to know, I'm sure.  Or do I??

Friday, May 20, 2011

Say Goodbye to Babyhood

(insert the tune to Billy Joel's "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" when you read sing the title)

It's official.  Baby days are over.  The little one is getting  ready to graduate from pre-K and move on to the big world of elementary school.

It's time.  I've been home with children all day for 10 years now.  I'm ready.  I'm ready to have more than 2.5 hours to myself.  I'm ready to not have to cart kids to and from 2 different schools for a few years.  I'm ready to wave to the bus and return home for a cup of coffee.  I'm ready to NOT have to write a tuition check (SOOO ready for that one).  I'm ready to not have to stand in line because getting your child into the class you want is on a "first come first served" basis.  I'm ready to not have to figure out how to entertain a five-year-old who's ready for so much more.  I'm ready for the next chapter in both my life, and his.

He's ready.  Probably the most ready of all my children.  Socially, academically, physically -- he aspires to school the way some kids aspire to be great soccer players or ballerinas.  At least for now.  He's asking thoughtful questions, ones that I sometimes don't have the answers to.  He's wanting to know how to spell words and read.  He says things like "do you think I'll get to do math?"  None of my other children ever said that.

But I'm NOT ready for him to get too big for me.  And we all know that's where this is headed.  He still loves to snuggle and hug and give me kisses and tell me  he loves me for no reason at all.  But one day, sooner than I would like, he'll shrug me off like his brother and sister do.  One day he'll push me away when I fuss over his booboo.  One day he'll announce to me that logic defies my explanation of the tooth fairy and explain that it would be so much easier for a parent to just slip a dollar under the pillow instead.

And he'd be right.

I carry him more than I should.  I baby him more than I should.  I kiss and hug him to death -- really, it's a little ridiculous.  He still has big chubby cheeks and his little baby lips.  He's still soft and squishy from his baby chub.  I mean, he still has little dimples where his knuckles are!

And, although I feel sad, I don't feel nearly as sad as I thought I would.  I'm going to miss those things, and he's grown up way too fast, but it's OK.  It's time.

He's ready.

And, therefore, so am I.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy, 

I hope you have a happy Mothers day on Sunday.  I love it wen it is Mothers day it is just so Wonnderfooll.  Wen it is Mothers day you get to do some fun stof.  But  you proboly just get to lay in your bed on sunday and wach some tv on tellovijen.  I am so happy for mothers day and be happy in your bed you can have a good time.

Little Meems
(1st grade)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Veggie Tales

There is corn growing in my car. 

No really, there is.  And not because my car is a mess, because it isn’t.  Really.  

My son brought home a corn plant he planted at school and I keep forgetting to take it out of the car.  There’s a cucumber plant too.  And maybe it’s not really that I’m forgetting, as much as I’m avoiding?  

What the hell am I going to do with a corn plant? 

Many of you will say I probably shouldn’t worry, as nothing seems to grow in our yard but weeds anyway.  It’ll be dead within a week.

But that’s not the way it works, my friends.  The corn will be the one thing that will grow.  And I will have a solitary superstar corn plant growing among the bushes and groundcover I have planted to try to overtake the weeds.  

It's too late to plant a full-on vegetable garden, and I don't even begin to imagine where we might put it.

And we live on a corner.  With no fence, so we’re totally exposed, front and back yard, from every angle coming and going.  So it’ll look weird. 

But, my son is so very proud and excited about it, and as a mom, that makes me excited about it too.  We have plans to plant it this weekend.  Probably right next to the screened-in porch, because it's sunny there all day long and that seems to be the best place.  It's either there, or in the front yard, among the azaleas or in one of the window boxes.  Which will just not look good.  

Its location will allow us to enjoy it on the approach to our house from the entrance to our neighborhood, the approach from the the back side of the house, but especially from the comfort of our porch.  That will be nice.  So while we sit with our mint juleps, enjoying the spring weather, we can monitor its progress.  Until one day, we glance over and...

"Oh looky!  Dinner!"

At the very least, it's an adventure waiting to be embarked upon, as is anything we plant in our yard.  Sunflower seeds?  Fail.  Wildflowers?  Nope.  At least these plants are already growing.  They still stand a chance.

Ok, well, my future farmer is tugging at me.  He's ready.  He's excited to eat his yummy veggies (except he doesn't like corn or cucumbers, so I'm not really sure what he's so excited about).  But he's very into the whole farm-to-table movement.  

Just kidding.  He's 5.  But I'm curious. 

So, veggies, here we come!