Happy Monday

Today, I got to go have lunch with my little T.

I had promised him on Friday, but quite honestly, after the morning we had (where he got his new Nintendo DS taken away for being sassy) I wasn't sure he'd still want me there.

Children move on so quickly.  It, truly, is a gift.

So I asked Little Meems, whose lunch overlaps Tate's, if she'd like to join us for lunch.  I'd come a little early and have lunch with her, then stay for Tate's lunchtime.

"Um, I don't mean to hurt your feelings or anything...I'm not trying to be mean...but...I mean, if you REALLY want to, but I kinda' just want to have lunch with my friends."  Eyes frantically searching mine for an indication of hurt.  

There was none.  I get it.

As a courtesy, I asked Will if he'd like me to come have lunch with him one day, knowing full well he'd say no, but not wanting him to feel left out.  No hesitation, just wide eyes and a grimace that said "ohmygosh no" even before he vigorously shook his head.

Again, not offended.  He is in 5th grade after all.  Way too old to be eating lunch with mommy.

Although, I could have done without the grimace.

Not even the promise of Chick Fil A would change their minds.

So, T and I had lunch together.  He, unlike his siblings, ran over and hugged me when he saw me and excitedly began chatting and eating.

I love that.

I used to wonder why my mother was always grabbing us and trying to kiss/hug us.  Especially when we were older.

Now I know.  

It was a happy lunch with a happy boy, and a great way to start the week.

Happy Monday!


You can bring Chick-fil-A to me for lunch anytime, haha! Your Tate sounds so sweet..great way to start the week!
Nicola Cox said…
Hello, thanks for posting this

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