Flashback Friday

I had the biggest flashback this morning, sitting in the car at the bus stop with my boys (it's raining AGAIN here in Richmond).  Will has taken to relentlessly playing DJ now that he's a front seat rider.  As most of the morning radio shows around here are not kid-appropriate, in his search he landed on the classic rock station and some Led Zeppelin.

I love me some Led Zeppelin.  LOVE.  

It was Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid.  Which is my favorite.  My kids listen to our old albums on my husband's stereo (until someone broke the needle)...all crackly and magical.  (My husband, who is Mr. Technology (clarity, HD, LCD, 3D, etc.) even agrees that nothing's better than that scratchy sound.)  They are more than familiar with Led Zeppelin, and will opt for LZ over Justin Bieber any day.

Well, Will will.

But they'd never heard this combo, and once Heartbreaker ended, Will tried to change the station.  I slapped his hand away (the best part's coming) and we proceeded to rock out in the car while we waited for the bus.

And now I'm feeling so nostalgic.  Sigh.

That song makes me happy.  It takes me back to the days where my concerns were test grades and getting into college and being home by curfew.  Windows open, just driving, singing, not worried about a darn thing.

It makes me remember my first boyfriend, the quintessential bad boy whom my parents were less than thrilled about, but about whom I was crazy.  He used to tell me I was a wildflower that had been tamed.  That song, with it's unexpected twist, made me feel like he was right.  It made me secretly feel a little rebellious in my otherwise perfect little vanilla goody two shoes world.

It's something I want my kids to see in me too.  I want them to know that I'm not perfect, that I make mistakes, that sometimes I rebel a little, that I'm a little unpredictable and unexpected and maybe even a little inappropriate.  It's OK if they think I'm a little crazy.  I hope they think I'm fun.  I want them to know it's OK to be who you are. That what makes people truly interesting is what you don't always notice about them.  That getting to know a person means finding out what little secrets they harbor...good and bad.

Because everyone has an unexpected twist.


Happy Flashback Friday!



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