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What I Wish They Could See

The other day, after my son got home from school, we chatted a bit, he got a snack and as I hung out there he said to me... "Why are you just...watching me?" With a grimace on his face.   And, after the initial sting of this wore off, I paused to think about this.  In my mind, I wasn't actively watching him eat.  That would be weird.  Truth is, I just was enjoying his company.  I was reveling in the connection we'd just had a few minutes prior, that seem few and far between these days.  I was thinking about how wonderful I think he is, how fun he is to talk to, how handsome he is, how grown up.   How much I love him and can't believe I get to be his mom.   How far we've come through some difficult situations.  How much I worry about him.  How I wish I could have all the answers.  How proud I am of him.  How talented he is.  How he doesn't know it. Because that's what this mom, ALL moms do.  We look at our children and have all the feels, all at once. 

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