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Just Wait

She comes to me as I sit on the porch enjoying some peace and quiet, trying to ignore how hot it is while I sip my coffee and update my calendar.
“Mom, do you want to do makeovers?”
She is dying to wear more makeup than just mascara and lip gloss, but she’s only 14 (I know, she's 14 but honestly, I’m not in any hurry to have her grow up too much.  There’s plenty of time.)
“Sure, let’s go!”  She is a little shocked because I agreed, but she asked me and one day soon she won’t want to spend time with me.
My goal: to show her how to subtly use makeup as a tool to enhance her looks. Her goal: to do all the things and use all the products like she sees in her makeup tutorials so that she ends up looking like a Kardashian. My goal: to show her that those teenage girls with flawless skin do not need all that foundation.   Her goal: to do all the things and use all the products, and look like a Kardashian.
We decide to use my makeup, as hers is mostly sparkly.  As we sit down in the floor, spread…

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