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The "Girlfriend"

It’s official, he’s growing up.
I mean, of course this has been happening for a while, but we are officially in middle school and firmly entrenched in all things preteen. 
He’s a different 6th grader than his brother or sister – a little less na├»ve, a bit more independent and confident.   Isn’t that so often true with the youngest child?  He’s “experienced” some things by proxy and, as a result, thinks he’s more (to coin his lexicon) legit than he really is.  
Can you feel how hard my eyes rolled just now?
And it’s hard, because while I am a firm believer in meeting your kids, individually, where they are and parenting accordingly, sometimes you just can't.  Often, it's because the rules are the rules and the expectations are the same for everybody.  Sometimes, though, it's because you’re not ready.  
T likes a girl.  He would like to ask her to “go out” with him.  I am rolling my eyes again.  “Go out” in 6th grade means…I’m not sure what exactly.  From what I can tell, you may…

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