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And So She Did

This girl.

Yes, this is an old picture from last year.  I couldn’t get one yesterday because I was out of storage on my phone.
Yesterday was the first cross country meet of the year.  Always a nervous day, and she was running with an injury.  I was pleased to see that the worries that plagued her last year were gone, and in their place a confidence that can only come with experience and success.  She’s still not the fastest, but she’s not the slowest, and neither matters because the only one she has to prove anything to is herself.
Super proud of her yesterday.  Beyond words proud.
I found a vantage point on the course to cheer her on.  Once she passed me, I moved on to the next spot where I would see her.  (I firmly believe in cheering my kids on at the top of my lungs.  In my own experience, I know a well-placed cheer at a tough spot on the course can make all the difference.  Either my kids don’t mind or they’re too polite to tell me to stop, so I keep yelling.)  As I walked away, I tu…

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