Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday

Happiness is a nap, a soft spot, a warm sunbeam, a view of outside.

And a snuggle or two.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Confession Time

I am trying to embrace my imperfections.  I have no delusions that I AM a perfect mother, nor do I want to try.  That would drive me to drink more wine.  Nope, we're in a good place right now just as long as I remember who I am and decide I'm OK with it.  But I'm about to lose my mind and I have some things I feel I need to get off my chest.  So, here goes.
  1. There's a bag of bit-size Snickers in the freezer that I've hidden from everyone.  Thank you Target dollar bins.  They are mine.  ALL MINE.  No, I will not share them.
  2. It's been a couple weeks since I actually scrubbed the tub upstairs.  I keep MEANING to do it, but no one's been using it much lately and it just slips my mind.
  3. My children are driving me crazy right now.  Right this very instant.  It's been 4 days since swim team ended, 4 DAYS PEOPLE, and they are flailing around like fish out of water around the house.  And fighting.  And bickering.  They are suddenly completely incapable of entertaining themselves.  That teeny tiny little bit of structure was such a lifesaver.  And I have officially outlawed Spongebob Squarepants.  Never mind what he might be doing to my children's brains, my brain function is lowering just having to listen to his terrible voice.    
  4. My daughter is just sitting here staring at me.  Please refer to #3.  It's unnerving.  I'm telling her to find something to do or I'll make her scrub that tub.  She decides to move on.  Rats!
  5. Shopping at Forever 21 today made me feel old.  And not just because of the clothes.  Because now it's like a department store and I became overwhelmed, distracted, and even got kinda lost amongst the teeny tiny skirts and shimmery sheer tops.  
  6. I miss my sister.  I wish she lived here with me.  In the same area, not the same house.  That doesn't work.
  7. Pinterest and I are on a break.  He wanted all of my time and, despite his wonderful ideas and suggestions, he only made me feel inadequate and wishful for things I don't have.  
  8. I ordered Little Meems' birthday cake through the gym where we had her pool party.  I also let them provide all the decorations.  If you know me, you know this is very unlike me.  I made superhero masks and wrist cuffs for my son's birthday party attendees and designed cake toppers.  But I was tired from all the end-of-school events/requirements/volunteer opportunities.  It felt...lazy.  Yet, also, liberating.  I like to think I made up for it with straw beach bags, sunglasses, grass skirts and leis for all the little girls.  Again, thank you Target dollar bins.
  9. My husband is the only reason anyone got lunch today.  I put my sons' soup in the pan and the pan on the stove, but forgot to turn it on.  I put the drink mix in the pitcher, but forgot to add water.  And I put my sandwich in the toaster, but forgot to toast it.  Please refer to the comment about Spongebob in #3.
  10. My plants are all dead.  Richmond summer has killed everything that's in a planter.  Well that and the fact that I forget to water them sometimes.  Ok, most of the time.  Which reminds me, I need to take a check to the neighborhood girl who watched the dog for us on Sunday when we were out of town.  

Don't ask.  I'm just lucky I remembered.  

Food for Thought Friday

So true.  When will I ever learn?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Monday

My son Will is a die-hard Redskins fan… just like his dad.

He loves football, and baseball and racing and, well, all sports…just like his dad.

He loves ESPN…just like his dad.

He love hot wings and the three stooges…just like his dad.

He is physical and athletic…just like his dad (well, just like his dad was as a kid.)

He is just like his dad in so many ways.  So many ways that are inherent, and so many ways that are influenced.  He even looks like him.


He is a Nationals fan.  His dad is a die-hard Braves fan.

He told me this not long ago, followed with a “but don’t tell Dad!”

I told him that his dad does not expect him to be just like him.  That he wants him to be his own person and make his own decisions and not be completely influenced by others.  I told him that I thought his dad would be proud of him, and might even enjoy a new kind of bond…in which he would begin following the Nats on behalf of his son, and HE could be just like his son, for a change.

This weekend, the Braves played the Nats.  Will’s very first pro baseball game. 

And it couldn’t have been any more perfect for the two of them to share.  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Marble Story

When Will was 2 and Little Meems was a baby, I decided to go back to work full-time.  It wasn't on my radar, necessarily, but my dream job presented itself and hired me and, well, how often does that happen?

One day Will brought home a steel marble from daycare.  Which confused me...why would a daycare have steel marbles?  But apparently it had escaped from one of the toys in the older kids' classroom and made its way to my by-then 3-year-old.  I took it away from him and put it  in my purse to give to the director.  Somehow, he found it.  Because that's what three-year-olds do.

The next day, when I picked him up, I was met with a tearful, contrite little boy and a concerned teacher who explained to me that he had swallowed a steel marble.  That he had brought from home (insert condescending, judgemental look here).  Which reminded me, I was supposed to give it to the daycare director and tell her all about it.  Ooops.

On the way home, he was beside himself, asking what might happen to him and if he would die and how would they get it out and would they have to cut him open?  I tried to calm him down, but hey, I had never had any swallowing foreign objects experience so I was a little panicked myself.

I called the doctor, explained my situation, and was both relieved and concerned that they didn't need to do an X-ray (Remember, he's my oldest.  So yes, I fell victim to first-time-mom syndrome).

"He'll pass it."

"You mean, in his poop?"  Of COURSE that's what they meant.  Come one, when was the last time someone peed a steel marble?

"Well...yes."  Obviously he was dealing with an idiot.  Or a first-time mom.

"How?"  Did I really just say that?

"Well, you know, in his excrement."  Said ever so delicately.  Why can't they just say poop?  I'm a lot more comfortable with that than "excrement."

"But how do you know?"  Again, my idiocy astounded me.  Ever wanted to eat your words as soon as you said them?

"You'll have to look for it."

"Won't I be able to spot it?  It was pretty big, I think."

"Not necessarily.  You really want to try to inspect to make sure it passes.  I wouldn't worry, he should pass it within a couple days."

That was 7 years ago and I still don't know if he passed it.   I did LOOK at his poops for a couple days, but while I'm down with baby poop, I draw the line with having to fish something out of a toilet to inspect it.  The logistics alone are prohibitive...what do I use, a slotted spoon? What do I put it IN to look through it?  And what tools do I use to inspect my specimen?  

The marble was round, he's never had any issues, so yup, he passed it.

I hope.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Break

I took a break.  We went on vacation and then life got crazy and I haven't had a moment to think.  Plus it’s been mind-meltingly hot and I can’t concentrate.  Summer in Richmond will do that to you.

I spent last night melting at a swim meet.  Boys, you have no idea how much your dad and I love you to suffer through such torture summer after summer.  You are young and the heat doesn’t seem to phase you.  Plus you get to jump in the pool occasionally. 

Yo, 100 degree-ish heat is not fun.  Especially not for 6+ hours on a pool deck that has been roasting in the sun all day.  The water that hits it evaporates into steam immediately, making it even more humid and unbearable.  On the plus side, I think I literally melted away some body fat.  Bonus!

But, I’ll do anything for those boys.  I mean it.  I am so proud of their determination and commitment.  Not one practice missed (not counting the week we were on vacay) and never one complaint.  And I am so proud of my Will, who turned it up a notch this year and qualified for the Championships in all of his events but one.  Most importantly, he pushed himself to be better and I hope the accomplishment he feels from that outweighs all the ribbons he could possibly collect.

One more meet…champs.  And then, I have to say, I’ll be sad to say goodbye to swim team season.  Which makes me certifiable, I know, but I like how it gives our days some structure.  I like how it provides a physical outlet for my has-to-be-moving 10-year-old.  I like how it gives my kids a true sense of success, in that they earn ribbons on merit, not simply because they show up.  I like how it fosters friendships among my introverted children.  Mostly, I love that they love it. 

And, despite the heat and the work involved, I love watching them.  

And will endure any misery to do so, with love, always.