Happy Valentine's Day

The kids were so excited for Valentine’s Day today.

Correction:  Tate and Little Meems were excited.

Will’s too cool to be excited.  Except for candy.

Addressing valentines and decorating boxes is always a production.

Little Meems gift wrapped hers, then bedazzled it.

Tate got creative and created a mixed media Valentine’s box with paper, stickers, post it notes, tape (his favorite) and drawings.

Will did not decorate.  He got a box, punched a gaping hole in the top (picture an opening the Hulk may have made) and wrote “put candy here” with an arrow for emphasis.  He thinks it’s hysterical.  Of course, he’s 11.  And a boy.  I guess I can only expect so much.

I got up early and made pink pancakes.  They got candy, fake mustaches (for the boys) and hair extensions (for the Meems).

Stevie gave me a box of candy and made me a love note playlist on Spotify.  It’s the 21st century version of a mixed tape, I guess.  No one’s made me one of those in a long time.

I wrote him a lame, but heartfelt, poem.

After school, they compared loot and read their valentines.  Meems has a crush on a boy in her class.  She thinks he has one on her too.  I’m dying to see what transpires there.  Will put very little thought into who got what valentine message.  Girls?   Ew.

Later, we’ll eat dinner on the run as one parent manages a 3rd grade quiz on the states of matter, while the other spends the evening at the indoor pool for swim practice.

Romantic, no?

It’s OK.  This is us.  This is my life.

And this year for Valentine’s Day, I’m reminded just how in love I am with it.


Brooke Hall said…
hi there! i cried at your perspetive post! thank you for contacting me and connecting me to your blog. i think there is a circle of us cleft moms out there that we just get one another! how is will today at 11? speech? etc? can you please email me when you have a chance? bhall1027@gmail.com. did he have hip grafts for the hard palate? so many questions for you! your children are beautiful and i really loved your post. - so beautifully written. i have it marked for me to read more often...very true, we are very lucky ;))
I emailed you yesterday, but just realized it came from my home email account, so you might be thinking "who in the world is this?" Just wanted to let you know. Happy weekend!
Sounds like a good day to me! Is this Meem'a first crush? I applaud you for the pancakes- I told Bryce I'd get up and make him a special breakfast if he really wanted....I was relieved when he shared my same thoughts that he'd rather sleep, ha!

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