Happy Monday

Happy Monday!  We're waiting out the storm, school is closed, and my 10-year-old has decided to drive everyone crazy with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."  How that got out there this morning I have no idea, but he has found it to be an effective tool in his evil plan to drive his siblings insane.  Well played, grasshopper.  Well played.

It might be a long day.  

Today, I am happy that we are safe (for now and hopefully for good) and that we are all together.  

Today I am also happy for girls' weekends spent visiting grandpa.  Little Meems and I packed up the dog and the family truckster and headed to Staunton this weekend to visit my dad, who was playing bachelor because my mom was out of town.  This is a man who had just spent two weeks abroad, and I'm sure had a boat load of things he needed to get done, but he put them all on hold for his daughter and granddaughter.  He even got roped into doing a fundraiser "fun run" for CASA with us on Saturday morning.  But I think he had fun.  I do know his daughter enjoyed it.  His granddaughter, well, she beamed from ear to ear.  Little girl is lucky to have 4 wonderful grandparents.  And, little girl stumbled upon something she loved - running - as she managed to totally dust us.  

Happy for happy memories!

Little Meems was thrilled she and Pop Pop had matching shoes!

My inspiration.

Super runner...

...super girl.


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