Dear Child

Dear Child,

Mommy and Daddy make rules for a reason.  We like to try to give you privileges, but privileges come with a price, and that price is responsibility.  The rules are to teach you to be responsible and keep you safe.

Remember the rule about the electric scooter?  What happened when you disobeyed?  Three weeks in a full arm cast with a broken elbow isn’t much fun is it?

You seem to need to learn lessons the hard way.  The irony is that you are probably my most naturally responsible, instructions-following child.

I am putting the tiny Swiss Army Knife away for a few years.  Yes, the one you were SO excited to find.  The one you promised you’d never use without an adult present.  The one you said you were just excited to have because your older brother has one.  Somewhere in that room of his.  I think.  Who knows.

You’re curious.  I love that.  You are interested in the world and how it works.  You are imaginative and motivated and, despite your protests, you love learning new things.

But you have to respect rules.  Next time, your sliced thumb may require stitches.  Or reattachment.  You are so very, very lucky the result of your curiosity wasn’t more severe.  And I love you for trying to doctor it yourself and clean up the mess you made in the bathroom.  But next time, let Mommy and Daddy take care of it.  We’d rather see the initial consequence of your betrayal than the bloody mess of a hand, arm and clothing you presented when you realized it was too much for you to handle.  Oh, and the state of the bathroom that suggested a chainsaw massacre.

You are sweet, you are smart, you are loving and kind.  You are a wonderful kid and a joy to our lives.  Let’s keep it that way.



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