Jen-nay is Run-ning

A little nod to Forrest Gump in honor of the hubs.

Those of you who know me well know that I am not a runner.  Yes, each spring I try to be and by summer time it's just too dang hot.  It's not that I don't like to sweat, but when it's 100 outside I leave puddles behind me on the street.  I would MUCH prefer to work out in the comfort of my air conditioned gym.

This year I liked it more than I usually do, and tried to keep up with it, but holy hotness Richmond!  It's finally cooling off, and I heard a song on the radio the other day that's on my iPod and it made me WANT TO GO RUNNING.  Which is something that hasn't happened in YEARS.  Or probably ever.  Even when I ran in high school I didn't WANT to or LIKE it, particularly.  I needed a sport and I'm too uncoordinated to do anything else and I didn't have to try out for anything.  Score!  Cross country and track, here I come!

But I went today.  And I enjoyed it! (exclamation points as I sit here sweating my eyeballs out -- you know how you sweat more profusely AFTER than during? that's me right now).  Even though I am an ungodly shade of pink.  I am not a pretty runner, nor have I ever been.  The shots of me running at track meets, well, let's just say it looks like I'm about to stroke out.  I turn the most hideous shade of red...all over my body.  My face looks like a tomato and if you look closely, you can actually SEE it throbbing.

Exhibit A

My Little Meems just ran 2 miles with me (beating me the whole way -- she had to wait for me several times to catch up -- she's 9).  Cuteness.  Her, not me.  I'm a holy hot mess.  The picture being fuzzy is actually a good thing.  It's a lot worse than it looks here.  I actually can't believe I'm actually putting this out there for all to see.

But if it gives me more energy, great.  And if it gives me a goal (matching my daughter's pace), wonderful.   And allows me to fit in my skinny jeans, well then bring on the tomato face!


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