Happy Tuesday, on Thursday, Even Though it was Supposed to be Monday.

Sometimes, life’s just like that.

Monday was spent in a flurry of laundry, labeling and packing up school supplies, and anticipation.

Monday was spent having last minute playdates with besties who are in a different class this year, and doing all the play things that can’t be done once school starts.

All in preparation for Tuesday, the big day.  First day of school.

My happy moment came when, upon disembarking from the school bus and hurriedly and excitedly talking over one another about their days and their classes and their teachers my little T, in his excitement, actually grabbed my hand on the walk home from the bus stop.  And held it the entire way.

Little boy is growing up, and as such, away from me.  But that little moment, that needing to feel grounded and make a connection while he shared his day with me…well, it was not a big deal.  I mean, it meant nothing really.  To him.

But to me, it meant everything.


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