Happy Monday

Today, I am happy for my good cookies, who gave up their Saturday morning to raise money for pediatric cancer research in honor of their friends, one of whom lives in our neighborhood.

I am happy at how excited little T was to be doing this.  And the fact that he asked me what we can do next to help people.  
I am happy because they have the ability to do this.  
I am happy that they can see how good it feels to give back.
I am happy they are not sick.  
I am happy they are not fighting for their lives.  
I am happy our problems are small ones.  
I am happy I don't live in a perpetual state of worry. 
I am happy they can play, and go to school, and have sleepovers and ride bikes.  
I am happy they are HERE, and that I don't have to live without any of them, the fate of far too many parents.  
I am happy that I get to kiss them goodnight.  Each and every one of them.  Each and every night.
I am happy to be able to have been a part of Cookies for Kids' Cancer.

Did you know that: 
Every day in this country, 46 children – two classrooms of children – are diagnosed with cancer. 
Cancer kills more kids in this country than any other disease  –  it’s the NUMBER ONE DISEASE KILLER of kids in this country.
Funding for all pediatric cancers COMBINED makes up less than four percent of the National Cancer Institute’s budget for cancer research.

I'm happy that this organization is doing so many wonderful, amazing things.
I'm happy to know that, God forbid I ever need them, they're working for my kids too.

Happy Monday!


Cheryl Lage said…
So lovely! Such a great cause...She-Twin and I helped in our 'hood, where sadly we lost a classmate to pediatric cancer last year. These endeavors wherein we can incorporate our kids' help....wondrous. :)

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