Summer Break

I took a break.  We went on vacation and then life got crazy and I haven't had a moment to think.  Plus it’s been mind-meltingly hot and I can’t concentrate.  Summer in Richmond will do that to you.

I spent last night melting at a swim meet.  Boys, you have no idea how much your dad and I love you to suffer through such torture summer after summer.  You are young and the heat doesn’t seem to phase you.  Plus you get to jump in the pool occasionally. 

Yo, 100 degree-ish heat is not fun.  Especially not for 6+ hours on a pool deck that has been roasting in the sun all day.  The water that hits it evaporates into steam immediately, making it even more humid and unbearable.  On the plus side, I think I literally melted away some body fat.  Bonus!

But, I’ll do anything for those boys.  I mean it.  I am so proud of their determination and commitment.  Not one practice missed (not counting the week we were on vacay) and never one complaint.  And I am so proud of my Will, who turned it up a notch this year and qualified for the Championships in all of his events but one.  Most importantly, he pushed himself to be better and I hope the accomplishment he feels from that outweighs all the ribbons he could possibly collect.

One more meet…champs.  And then, I have to say, I’ll be sad to say goodbye to swim team season.  Which makes me certifiable, I know, but I like how it gives our days some structure.  I like how it provides a physical outlet for my has-to-be-moving 10-year-old.  I like how it gives my kids a true sense of success, in that they earn ribbons on merit, not simply because they show up.  I like how it fosters friendships among my introverted children.  Mostly, I love that they love it. 

And, despite the heat and the work involved, I love watching them.  

And will endure any misery to do so, with love, always.


Cheryl Lage said…
So lovely....the sentiments, not the Richmond heat! ;)
Anonymous said… always. Missed your posts while you were away. Welcome back.

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