Confession Time

I am trying to embrace my imperfections.  I have no delusions that I AM a perfect mother, nor do I want to try.  That would drive me to drink more wine.  Nope, we're in a good place right now just as long as I remember who I am and decide I'm OK with it.  But I'm about to lose my mind and I have some things I feel I need to get off my chest.  So, here goes.
  1. There's a bag of bit-size Snickers in the freezer that I've hidden from everyone.  Thank you Target dollar bins.  They are mine.  ALL MINE.  No, I will not share them.
  2. It's been a couple weeks since I actually scrubbed the tub upstairs.  I keep MEANING to do it, but no one's been using it much lately and it just slips my mind.
  3. My children are driving me crazy right now.  Right this very instant.  It's been 4 days since swim team ended, 4 DAYS PEOPLE, and they are flailing around like fish out of water around the house.  And fighting.  And bickering.  They are suddenly completely incapable of entertaining themselves.  That teeny tiny little bit of structure was such a lifesaver.  And I have officially outlawed Spongebob Squarepants.  Never mind what he might be doing to my children's brains, my brain function is lowering just having to listen to his terrible voice.    
  4. My daughter is just sitting here staring at me.  Please refer to #3.  It's unnerving.  I'm telling her to find something to do or I'll make her scrub that tub.  She decides to move on.  Rats!
  5. Shopping at Forever 21 today made me feel old.  And not just because of the clothes.  Because now it's like a department store and I became overwhelmed, distracted, and even got kinda lost amongst the teeny tiny skirts and shimmery sheer tops.  
  6. I miss my sister.  I wish she lived here with me.  In the same area, not the same house.  That doesn't work.
  7. Pinterest and I are on a break.  He wanted all of my time and, despite his wonderful ideas and suggestions, he only made me feel inadequate and wishful for things I don't have.  
  8. I ordered Little Meems' birthday cake through the gym where we had her pool party.  I also let them provide all the decorations.  If you know me, you know this is very unlike me.  I made superhero masks and wrist cuffs for my son's birthday party attendees and designed cake toppers.  But I was tired from all the end-of-school events/requirements/volunteer opportunities.  It felt...lazy.  Yet, also, liberating.  I like to think I made up for it with straw beach bags, sunglasses, grass skirts and leis for all the little girls.  Again, thank you Target dollar bins.
  9. My husband is the only reason anyone got lunch today.  I put my sons' soup in the pan and the pan on the stove, but forgot to turn it on.  I put the drink mix in the pitcher, but forgot to add water.  And I put my sandwich in the toaster, but forgot to toast it.  Please refer to the comment about Spongebob in #3.
  10. My plants are all dead.  Richmond summer has killed everything that's in a planter.  Well that and the fact that I forget to water them sometimes.  Ok, most of the time.  Which reminds me, I need to take a check to the neighborhood girl who watched the dog for us on Sunday when we were out of town.  

Don't ask.  I'm just lucky I remembered.  


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