Happy Monday

My son Will is a die-hard Redskins fan… just like his dad.

He loves football, and baseball and racing and, well, all sports…just like his dad.

He loves ESPN…just like his dad.

He love hot wings and the three stooges…just like his dad.

He is physical and athletic…just like his dad (well, just like his dad was as a kid.)

He is just like his dad in so many ways.  So many ways that are inherent, and so many ways that are influenced.  He even looks like him.


He is a Nationals fan.  His dad is a die-hard Braves fan.

He told me this not long ago, followed with a “but don’t tell Dad!”

I told him that his dad does not expect him to be just like him.  That he wants him to be his own person and make his own decisions and not be completely influenced by others.  I told him that I thought his dad would be proud of him, and might even enjoy a new kind of bond…in which he would begin following the Nats on behalf of his son, and HE could be just like his son, for a change.

This weekend, the Braves played the Nats.  Will’s very first pro baseball game. 

And it couldn’t have been any more perfect for the two of them to share.  


Dana said…
So cute...we have a red sox/yankees rivalry here (actually posting on it very soon!). It is great to see the kids (and parents!) - agree and disagree here.

Love the pic of them in their differing gear :)

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