The Lights are Bright on Broadway

Today is the day that Little Meems has decided to try out for a solo in the 3rd grade musical.

I have written many posts about that little girl and her singing abilities.  Using the term "abilities" loosely, here.  Veeerrrrryy loosely.

I am nervous for her.
I am anxious for her.
I am worried for her, that the other kids trying out  might laugh.
I am hoping her music teacher is the kind, graceful human being I think he is.

I am proud of her.

I am in awe of her.

Never, never would I have had the confidence to do this at the age of 9.  Never, never would I have had the belief in myself to do this, despite the fact that others (her brothers) regularly cover their ears and beg her to stop.  And, occasionally, her parents suggesting oh-so-nicely that she can sing out loud all she her room.  With the door closed.

I keep vacillating between hoping she gets the part and hoping she doesn't.  Unfortunately, that's my truth.  It's my job to promote her and protect her.  I desperately want her to get that part, but I hate the idea that she could be hurt by doing so.

She might just surprise us all (she has a way of doing that) and work it.  I'm hoping that seeing this tiny girl up on stage, belting her heart out to a tune only she hears will make people smile.  And make them realize how incredible children are.  How blind faith and a belief in yourself aren't bad qualities to possess.

And wonder why, and when, we lost that anyway.

So, good luck to my Little Meems today.  May your dreams of Broadway be realized.
Go get 'em girl!


Good luck to Meems! I remember trying out for a solo in our school musical in 3rd grade and can only imagine what went through the music teacher's mind as I sang...I can't carry a tune in a bucket!

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