Happy Monday

I wrote this a while back and never posted.  Chances are, someone needed something and I got pulled away from the computer and then forgot to go back to this post.  Story of my life.  #desperatelyneedquiettime

So here goes...

This is late.  Monday was yesterday.  I know, I know.  I'm working on it.  But something happened yesterday that made me happy.  Very, very happy.

I took the kids to get a Slurpee as a reward for an afternoon picking up the 1,324 sticks in the yard that our wind storm last week left behind.  Outside the 7-11 was a man, a kid really, playing the guitar and singing for donations.  Will, who plays the guitar, commented on how good the kid was.  Tate had a million questions about why he was playing his guitar in front of a store.  Valid questions, especially since this store doesn't receive much pedestrian traffic -- in fact I've never been there when there was anyone else inside but me. Meems’ questions were what happened to him that he needed to do that, and where was his family, and why is he so young, and where does he sleep, etc.  They were very concerned that he was homeless and missing his parents and didn’t have a place to live.  He greeted us with a cheery hello, which literally almost floored Meems, who was so worried about him.  You could see her confusion at how he could be so…happy.  As I was paying for the Slurpees, they asked if we could get some extra money to give him.

And so we did.

Later, Meems asked about the boy and where he might be.  I told him that I didn’t know, that we couldn’t keep track of him, but we could keep him in our hearts.  She decided she wanted to include him in her prayers.  And so she did.

And it was a happy Monday indeed.


Your chickadees sound so wonderful! I hope to someday have kids as sweet as that!

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