Some Happy Monday Music

T-bone has taken to song writing.

So far, there are 7 songs he hastily scribbled in a homemade song book.  This is how he does snow days.  Boy loves the snow, but appreciates breaks full of quiet time for writing and hot chocolate.  

Let me entertain you with his first number:

I Was Swinging
I was swinging on my swing
swinging on my swing
And what did I see?
and what did I see?
every buddy (sic) stops and staring at me.
A band of rock stars came running at me
with their guitars and their drumsticks 
hitting and stinging my bum like a bumblebee.

I Like the Snow
When I got up this morning
I saw snow outside
and after breakfast
I got my long johns on
and my snowsuit tooooooo...(he added single notes here)
Do you like the snow
I don't know
it's all up to yoooouuuuu...(more single notes)
And the snow was cold
like an ice cube
and white like a white fuzzy blanket tooooo.....
And when I found out we had snow 
we didn't have school tooooo.....
Do you like school?
I don't know.
It's all up to yoooouuuu....

There are a couple songs about his beloved dog, Tess.  
There's even one called "Flush Dude."

I'll leave that one to your imagination.  

Happy Monday!


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