What Was I Thinking?

I have made good on a few of my New Year's promises to myself.  
Accept challenges with grace and determination.
Step outside my comfort zone more often.
Take better care of me - my body, my soul, my spirit.

I have also been gluten-free for 2 months.

My dad challenged me to run the Monument Avenue 10K with him.

I accepted.  With determination (but a lot of some internal kicking and screaming).
I am stepping outside my comfort zone here people.  I have not been a runner in 20 years.  Three kids and lots of college/post-college beer makes 20 pounds too.
It's an effort to take better care of me.  Yes, my body, but I also find running helps me clear my head.  Find some peace.  And quality time with myself, which is essential to me to be a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, person.

It's not been easy.

I am sore. So. Very. Sore.
Knowing I have to run sometime during the day stresses me out.
20 years and hoisting three children on my hip for 9 years has rendered my body slightly misaligned.
I have two different kinds of orthotics in my shoes.  One to supplement the 1/4 inch that's missing from my left leg.  Another to reinforce arch support in my other shoe.
Further proof my alignment is out of whack?
Apparently, I kick myself.

I feel healthy and strong.
I feel determined.
I am proud of what I'm teaching my daughter.
I love running with her (incidentally, she can go out and run 3.5 miles no problem and still do it faster than me, and I love that about her).
Will I keep it up?  I don't know.
It gets hot in Richmond in the summer.  Really, really hot.  And I don't do well in the heat.
Or the cold for that matter.  I'm kind of a baby that way.

But, I will persevere.  I made a promise to my dad, my daughter, and myself.
And, I owe it to all of us to see this through.


Valerie said…
Good work Jennifer (well, except for the kicking yourself...) You are inspiring :) Thanks for sharing this!
Way to go! I am not a runner by any means, but have thought about maybe trying a 5K!

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