The Easter Bunny is still alive and well in our household.  Knock on wood.  I thought it was a goner this morning when I realized I forgot to leave Will money for the tooth he lost.  Truthfully, the tooth fairy is a bit of a spaz around our house.  I panicked – if he loses faith in the tooth fairy, then there goes the bunny and Santa. 

The truth is, he’s 10.  And I think he knows.  Or at least suspects.  But until he comes out and asks me, point blank AND NOT IN FRONT OF HIS SIBLINGS, we will all pretend.

The Easter Bunny used to, in an effort to control my kids’ candy intake, bring mostly little gifts.  Trinkets.  Things like books, goggles, cars, puzzles, bubbles, silly putty.  Little things that were cheap and made them happy and not hyper. 

This year they’re getting a little gift and tons of candy.  And a matchbox car and some goo in an egg.  Sparkly goo.

Meems is getting feathers for her hair and a little pair of earrings I’m sure she won’t wear (feathers in lieu of matchbox). 

Tate is getting a spy watch.  He got the tres expensive version for Christmas, but it’s too complicated so now he wants the cheapo version.  Did someone say cheap?  Done.

Will is getting socks. 

That's right.  

But not just any socks.  Seriously, these are apparently THE hot thing among the athletic boy set.  And at $14 a pair, they better take him through college. 

Awesome, right?

Did I mention it was a wild goose chase finding the things?  Every store is sold out.  I finally found them at Dick’s, but the salesperson explained to me that what I was looking at was a shipment they had received just 2 days before, and it was almost empty.  People were stealing them.  They had them on lock down, practically.


Will he be excited?  I dunno.  They are, after all, socks.  Maybe I shouldn't put all my eggs in this basket.  Haha, get it?  He spotted some other Nike black crew socks in Dick’s the other day and he said he wanted them.  These are much nicer than those.  Of course, those were 3 pairs for the $14, but they don’t have the cool stripe.  Did you ever think black crew socks would actually be in style?  Pulled up?  I ponder, while the non-stripe socks are a better deal, more black crew socks will encourage him to wear them more often.  Which is a bad thing.  However, knowing him he will want to wear them for every lax practice and game and to school too, which means more laundry for me.  Also a bad thing.  Oh my gosh, am I really having this conversation with myself right now?

Maybe he’ll react like this (yes, Meems got a feather duster in her basket once – she liked to help me clean!). 
Um, seriously?

Maybe not. 

I think he'll be excited.  And, I assure you, he will try to get away with this.   

This shirt also comes in tennis ball green.  Yes.  And we have it!


If he has his way, this is what he would wear to school every day.  Miss Peterson (his teacher) you can thank me later.  I have spared you a massive headache.  


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