Good Morning

No sleep.  Tate kicked me all night long (Stephen was out of town and there's usually a child flailing in the bed in his spot) and Tess woke up at 6.  Then, Tess went hyper crazy and began play biting and barking incessantly.  Just when I got the boys to take Tess downstairs and was going to peacefully lay back down for 15 more minutes, Little Meems woke up, came in and delivered a 13-minute run-on sentence.  She proceeded to talk nonstop about the booboos she suffered last night, and complain about her throat, her finger, her muscles and joints and the fact that Tess barked all evening and she got no sleep.  She asked what she should wear and if we could get manicures and screamed in fear every time the dog barked.  I finally got out of bed when she asked me if she needed a shower tonight, and, upon finding out she did, suggested we take one together this morning!  I discouraged that idea, much to her chagrin.  After  my shower, I opened the curtain to find her standing there holding her ear and complaining about her earring hole, that it was red and sore and is it bleeding?  She made the boys’ breakfast (cereal), then fretted because they were outside with the dog and their cereal was getting soggy and ruined after she'd done a perfectly nice thing for them, then proceeded to ooh and ahh over the hummus and veggies I packed her for lunch.  And ponder the fact that she loves vegetables so much.  And ponder the fact that the boys don’t.  And whine and moan again about her waist injury (a strawberry she got skidding on gravel last night at her brother's lacrosse game) and her elbow.  And worry about what she should do if it hurts at school.  Then she sang Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” with the wrong words for the next 45 minutes while she got dressed, brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, practiced faces and drama in the mirror and tied her shoes in the doorway to my room.  This was occasionally interrupted by her concern for her cousins Grace and Finn and Jane regarding their Grammie (who sadly just passed away), and sadness for Grammie, and confirming that her play date with Ella is NEXT Thursday, the week AFTER spring break, not the Thursday OF spring break.  Then more singing Adele with the wrong words, but with lots of vocal stylings.  While watching herself and flipping her hair in the mirror.  Then she went outside and jumped on the pogo stick a couple hundred times. 

Whew.  How was your morning?


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