Supposed to Be

I was supposed to exercise this morning, but I remembered that my boss needs to pick up some papers at my house and he just said "early" so I'm here waiting for him instead.  Because as soon as I get a mile from my house, he will call and say he is on my doorstep.  That is how my life works.

I was supposed to throw those pajama pants out because they have a big hole in the seat, but I decided, after this blog entry, to throw caution to the wind and wear them into my yard just to take the dog outside.  Of course I saw my neighbor, who immediately commented on my pants.

I was supposed to do laundry yesterday and get some things done while I worked from home (ah, the beauty of working from home) and all I did was work.

I am supposed to have a document ready for a client in a little while, but I'm writing this instead.  And thinking about exercise and the laundry.

I am supposed to wake Little Meems up to get her ready for her math tutor, but she looks so cute and sweet and she was up late worrying and stressing about her new earrings to the point of insomnia.

I was supposed to wait until she was older to let her get those earrings, but she's had a really difficult year and has worked hard and been so brave and she never asks for anything other than gum, so I knew this would thrill her.

Apparently, I am supposed to make my son breakfast right now, seeing as how he just woke up and IS STARVING, but I showed him how to toast his own Pop Tarts instead.  He'll thank me for that one day.  So will his wife.

I am supposed to, as a wife, be organized and the house should be clean and the floors mopped and there should be creative meals every night, but I'm not organized and the house is clean, but the floors need to be mopped and I balance my creative meals with things like breakfast night and corn dogs.  Besides, kids don't like food to be too creative.

I am supposed to write every little thing down in their baby books to save my  memories.  Only I can't seem to remember where the baby books are.  So I do this instead.

I'm supposed to be doing "mom" things today, like laundry and dusting and scrubbing toilets.  But I'm going to go snuggle with my babies and watch Good Luck Charlie instead.

Because that IS a "mom" thing.

Turns out, I AM doing something I'm supposed to do.


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