I have friends who laugh about wearing their pajama pants to the bus stop or to drop the kids off at school.  Because, let's face it, when you're getting up that early and getting little people ready, your energy is spent on them and you're just coming home for another cup of coffee anyway.  Hopefully.

Wow, we moms live vicariously, no?

I've never done it.  Not because I'm a mom-prude.  Because I am the mom who will get caught without her pants on (well, regular pants anyway).  I will be the one who gets rear-ended, or has a flat tire, or runs out of gas.  And I will be standing there on the side of the road in white threadbare pants covered in giant fruits.  Or cowboys.  Yes, I have cowboy pajama pants.  And they are old and the elastic is sprung.  What can I say, my husband is the luckiest of men.

I toyed with the idea today.  Little T being sick, I had nowhere to go after running them up to the bus stop, and I had spent most of the morning trying to find W's missing shoe.  Because APPARENTLY someone is breaking into garages and stealing just one shoe.  Or something like that.  He insists he placed them neatly together, side by side, in the garage, right NEXT to the shoe basket.  So that he'd know where they were this morning.  As if his wording of "neatly together, side by side" isn't suspect enough, the "so I'd know where they were in the morning" is the icing on the cake.  And NEXT TO the shoe basket?   Story of my life.

So after literally digging through his closet (guess what he gets to do after school) and tearing the garage apart, I was informed that his other pair of shoes is too small and the backup pair has a huge rip in it.  And has had one for weeks.  But he's been wearing them anyway.  But today, it bugs  him.

Needless to say, no time for gettin' dressed.  I did manage to exchange the fruity pants for some yoga pants, but I had my pj top on under a highly unfashionable, yet quite comfy, maroon sweatshirt left over from my college days.  Glasses, hair in a messy bun/pony, a dab of zit cream here and there (I'm 40 - why is that still happening?).  Hop in the car, drive to the bus stop, drive home.  Because the shoe search made us too late to walk.

Upon entering my kitchen, I see my son's science extra credit project sitting on the counter.  You know, the one I told him to put in his backpack three times this morning?  There it sat, in all its glory.  He'd worked so hard, and wants to bring up his science grade so badly.  I hopped back into the car and chased the bus down, thinking myself lucky to intercept it.  Of course, there I was, crazy lady screaming and running toward the bus, arms madly waving the driver to stop.

Well, thank GOODNESS I didn't have my pajama pants on.  Because THAT would have been embarrassing.


Wendy said…
PRICELESS!! LOVE your posts!!!!xo
Cheryl Lage said…
PERFECTION! Love this visual...and think it would have been just as charming in fruity pajama pants. ;)

Hope you're well, and that the extra credit--you saving the day--is noted well by your son. :)

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