The Weirdness

You know my children love to make up wacky games.  There’s Oh No My Baby!, Wedgie Mama, Big Wheel Slingshot (which involves pedaling the Big Wheel as fast as you can down the hill next to our house, then cornering into the driveway like you’re on rails while your sibling follows behind in an umbrella stroller tied to the Big Wheel’s axle and gets flung wide by the sudden turn.  The object is to eject before you reach the ditch.  Or is it?).

So what’s a kid to do when they’re bored on the beach?  Make up a game of course, using only a paper plate and the wind. 

Let the wind plaster the plate to your face and hold it there as long as you can.  It’s a contest, see?  And it's fun!  And then, do the same thing on your hiney.

That’s when mommy flips over on to her stomach, pretending she doesn’t know you.


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