Kids Having Kids...Sort Of

Little Meems just came into the room where I'm sewing. Our exchange was so bizarre. And yet, it really was nothing out of the ordinary at all.

Her: "Mommy, can I change my shirt?"

Me: "No, just wear what you have on."

Her: "MO-om, please? I really want to change my shirt!"

Me: "No." (thinking of the massive piles of laundry I'm already facing)

Her: "MOM. I. WANT. TO. CHANGE. MY. SHIRT." Oh, the drama.

Me: "Meems, why do you want to change your shirt?"

Her: "Just because."

Me: "That's not a good reason." (Lord, I sound just like my mother).

Her: "Because I can't fit a baby in my tummy in this shirt, that's why. It's. Too. Tight." Arms and hands extended and head down in an exasperated, "I'm-trying-to-make-my-point-and-I- don't-possibly-see-what-you-don't-understand-about-this" pose.

And then she adds, with a air of supreme frustration at my utter lack of understanding: "Aye-aye-aye-aye-aye." Lady.

And, sassiness aside, BECAUSE this is SO normal, I don't bat an eye. Actually, I'm a little relieved that she only wants to pretend she's pregnant, instead of something else equally crazy.

Later, I round the corner with some of the aforementioned laundry to witness her admiring her preggo silhouette in the mirror on the stairs. Strangely, there are things tied around her waist, I'm guessing to hold the baby in her shirt. Swinging her hair down in her face and talking to herself and her imaginary friends about her pregnancy and her due date. And her other kids. Apparently, she's having a girl. To be named Jane. And she's due in June. Which I'm not sure she realizes is now. And HER name is Kate. After our friend Kate who's expecting and who Meems is obsessed with these days because of it.

Just another day in the life of a 5-year-old wannabe mom.


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