Blessed Naptime Victory?

My daughter (almost 6 - gosh I can't believe that) is asleep in the hallway upstairs. In the floor, with her blanket and pillow. Why? Because that's where she wanted to sleep (or so she said). And honestly I'm so desperate for her to take a nap, I actually gave her the OK. If I know my daughter, she was trying to catch me off-guard. Her motivation was not so much a change of venue as it was a reaction. She was pushing my buttons and I knew this because of the twinkle in her eye when she called me upstairs to say "look where I'm sleeping" (insert singsong voice) and the slight shock of panic and disbelief in those same eyes when I said "ok" and walked back downstairs. After some loud, off-key singing and little-brother taunting that ALSO got no desired response from me, she just gave up and fell asleep.

Yes, in the name of some holy quiet time, I had a battle of wills with, and called the bluff of, a 5-year-old. And she being as stubborn as she is, she was not about to move, so off to dreamland she went sprawled out in the middle of the hallway.

I can't believe it! In the epic battle of wills between the two of us, I won. Of course, I won by nearly surrendering, but victory, my friend, is sweet.

Turns out, it's also fleeting.

Because it has just occured to me this one true fact -- that I'm virtually a prisoner of my downstairs.

And the things I was counting on naptime to get done are all UPstairs.

But still...ahhhh...quiet.....


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