The Big Jump

My little one got brave today and is now jumping into the pool.

Arms and legs spread all akimbo, mouth and eyes open wide...he puts his whole entire being into it and flings himself into the pool with total abandon. I laugh at how he always tilts slightly sideways, and how his mouth and eyes are as big as saucers and full of wonder when he resurfaces.

Life has been so crazy lately, and I've been so stressed and wound so tightly, that seeing him today was a much-needed reminder that the joys in life really are very simple, that no adventure is too small or insignificant, that whether it's baby steps or a giant leap from the edge of the pool...the point is, take the plunge. Live your life. Conquer your fears. Delight in the the little things. Believe in the magic of being a child at heart.

Today, he took one more step away from babyhood. And as much as I loved watching him, it was bittersweet. I scooped him up and smothered him in kisses and praise and...

He told me I was embarrassing him.

Oh well. It's just another gentle reminder to enjoy every little thing, because all too soon, it could be gone.


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