Stir. Crazy.

I recently lost my job. Hey, the economy's a bitch right now. So while I've been home full-time recently, and with the rash of strangely frigid weather we've been enjoying here in Richmond, I've been stuck inside. A LOT. And I'm going stir crazy!

But not in the way you think. OK, a little bit in the way you think, but what I mean is, I'm in a redecorating frenzy!

Now that I have long stretches of time to spend in my rooms and really LOOK at them, I'm like, ugh. So I moved my daughter's and my son's rooms around, rehanging pictures (and in her case, hanging curtains that she doesn't need to hide the patch of wallpaper she peeled off -- another post for another day). Not satisfied to stop there, I've taken this opportunity to finish other projects -- I finished painting the trim in the playroom (and it only took me a year!) and now I'm making curtains. But now that I'm almost done with that, and before long-awaited warm spring weather robs me of indoor time, I'm going crazy wanting to paint everything else. My room, our bathroom,'s crazy.

But it's so easy. And so gratifying. And I'm a big fan of instant gratification. On the cheap, too, since we're down an income.

Speaking of paint, I love Sunny's Goodtime Paints. Now, I've never actually done any of her techniques, but I worked with her recently for some catalog shots for work, and she's one of the nicest, smartest ladies I know. Her work is amazing and creative and her techniques are actually pretty easy! I know! I couldn't believe it. And she has a great site that has tons of ideas, including a blog where she provides inspiration.
Right now I'm thinking of doing the stencil shown here to my downstairs hardwoods -- they're a mess and I'm too poor to redo them. Her stencils will really make you rethink "stencils." I think I've spent hours here.

Hours I probably should have spent actually doing something!


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