Since I've been unemployed, I've had time to explore other interests. I'm looking at my new status as a chance to try new things and pursue my creative inspirations. No really. I'm finding the motivation to try new things -- things I wouldn't have had time to try before.

That said, my sister (who's also my best friend, but, alas, lives far, far away from me) and I decided to start a store on Etsy. She's got a wicked creative streak too, AND three children, AND no time, AND no money -- just like me! And kikibOnan was born.

The name is my nickname for her when we were kids. Don't ask, it's very complicated. Anyhoo...we decided to start sewing and now we've gone a little crazy.

We make appliqued tees and onesies for kids. Using our own kids as inspiration, of course. And, thanks to the blogosphere, we're now getting some props from our other blogging peeps! Check this out.


The little hot chocolate tee is a kikbibOnan original!

Yay us!


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