My son had computer lab at school today. I always love what he brings home, and have several very sweet notes that make me smile every time I see them.

Well, this is what he came home from school with today. Keep in mind he's in the first grade, so interpret using your best phonics skills. His teacher may be used to reading "first grade" but it's a little more difficult for the rest of us. My scanner isn't working, so this is verbatim.

I love SPRiNG becues we get to go to the pule. And im going to do swem teme this yere and cant wate I wontre wute teme nowone nows and I mite have to ware zukeny.

I love Spring because we get to go to the pool. And I'm going to do swim team this year and can't wait! I wonder what team? No one knows. And I might have to wear a bikini!

Zucchini/bikini. Same difference.


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