That Moment You Realize...

…that your son forgot his chromebook for school and you have to take it to him.

...that you have no gas, which you really realized last night but you thought “nah, I’ll get that on my way to work.”

...that you may not have enough to get to school and back and then to the gas station on the way to work, and you can’t go to the gas station on the way home from the school because then you will miss getting the other two kids on the bus.

...that you have a gas can for the lawnmower in the garage and you consider whether or not you should put a little of that in your car. 

...that you will probably spill it because you are clumsy and besides, you really don’t have time for that anyway. Middle school is about to start. You think.  When does it start again?

...that there are way too many kids who don’t ride the bus in the morning and now you have to sit through the same stoplight 3 times until it’s your turn to go and you are worried about the gas situation so you keep putting the gear into neutral.

...that you are not sure this strategy actually works but it makes you feel better anyway.

...that there’s a traffic jam of cars trying to get OUT of the parking lot after having dropped off their middle school students.

...why it’s such a good thing your son rides the bus.

...that, as you sit in the exit traffic jam, everyone’s trying to get out of the lot so people are doing all kinds of crazy things and now you’re REALLY worried about gas because you’re pretty sure you’re going to run out right there in the narrow entrance.

...that if that happens, you will be blocking the lane, thereby trapping everyone in this hellhole parking lot.

...that, after finally getting out of the lot, said traffic jam has cost you precious time and it’s EXACTLY the time your children are supposed to leave the house for the bus and you can feel their panic from where you sit.

...that you’re REALLY going to be in trouble when you have to go to work because now there is REALLY no gas.

...that you forgot about the gas can in that garage.  Things are looking up.

...that your children are in full on panic mode because they are used to leaving the house at 8:38 and now it is 8:41 and they are creatures of habit who are also apparently very specific and so are terrified they are going to miss the bus. After what you just went through and the fact that your car is now running on fumes alone, you panic a little too and run with them in your heels to the bus stop.

...after standing there panting for a few minutes that you haven’t had a chance to do your makeup or your hair so really you’re in some weird state of halfway dressed and also that the bus is late. Finally, something is working in your favor this morning! They get on the bus, you go home to try to fix your hair and apply new deodorant and drink some coffee so you can be ready for work.

...that you were so relieved to have everything done that you forgot about needing gas and the fact that you had planned on hijacking the lawnmower gas can.

...that you could go back and get it...

...but with your luck, you will turn around only to find that the gas can is empty and that will be that many fewer fumes you will have to power you to the Sheetz down the road and then you will be caught on the side of the road calling for help while tons of moms you know drive by on their way to the gym, not stopping until THEY realize, too late, that that was you.

...that you have hit every. single. light.  Of course. 

...that youhaven’t prayed this much in a long time, which makes you feel terrible because praying for gas seems awfully selfish when there are far bigger problems in the world.

...that your prayers have been answered.  Whew!

...that you should stop putting things off.

...that you probably never will.


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