We have been on Spring Break.  Lucky for us we have generous friends who let us use their cottage in Naples, Florida.  To say it's gorgeous down here would be the understatement of the century.  I am not ready for this week to ever end.

For a number of reasons.

Sigh...such a dreamy vacation with my favorite people.

Now it's back to reality.
Back to laundry.
Back to homework.
Back to packing lunches, and lacrosse games and tumbling classes.

But it also feels like the end of an era for me.

Because this.

When school starts, this girl will have to go through Family Life classes.

You know, the birds and the bees. 

Which means I've got to get to her first.  And it's something I dread, NOT merely because it's going to be uncomfortable and embarrassing and awkward, for both of us.

It's because I know that afterward, she will never be the same Little Meems.  A little of her innocence and little girl-ness will be gone.  She'll have knowledge of grown up things -- things you incredulously mull over in your head and try to wrap your pre-pubescent brain around as you lie in your bed at night.  Realizations about people you know and people you love...I remember my son couldn't look at me for a week after my husband had the talk with him.  It's like finding out about Santa -- a little chip appears in the paint that colors your childhood.  And there's no repairing it.

There's no sigh in this world big enough or dramatic enough to express how I feel about this.



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