Life Lately (According to My Phone)

Not broken, just bruised.  And numb.

Snow day shenanigans. Look at that little face!

What do you do when you're over playing in the snow?  Decorate a clubhouse.

Last ski day of the season.  Really.  Look at the non-snow under the lift.  But it was a great day!

Running a 5K with my boys.  Who totally smoked me.  W went on to play in a lacrosse game and then a baseball game.  Finally, something made him tired!

Couldn't be prouder.  Or more delightfully surprised.

Post 10K selfie with my dad.  A terrible picture but a great memory.

Post Monument Avenue 10K with my dad and the hubs.  Two of my favorite fellas!

Apparently, we are simply no good at selfies.  But I love finding these surprises on my phone anyway.  Sweet girl.

Beautiful and delicious.  Best shared with a bestie on a lazy Friday morning.

Finally, a nice day.  Yes that is an ice cube.  Momma can't wait until it's chilled.  The article about Kimye is ridiculous.

A gaggle of boys.  I heart this.

I took this in secret (hence the screen).  He used the broom to "paddle" his way across the Sea of Monsters in his boat (the dump truck) and now he's setting traps.  I love his BIG imagination and sincerely wish I had gotten a video of him padding his dump truck with a broom across the grass.

In other news, today is the hubs' birthday.  I won't tell you how old he is as he's having a hard time with it.  Age is just a state of mind right?  A state of mind and creaking bones.  Love that man.  I am truly blessed.  Happy birthday sweetheart!


Love all the running pics..Meems definitely resembles your dad!

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