Happy Monday

I need this.  After confessing it all in Fixer Upper, I was hoping February would get better.  It didn't.  Now it's March and it is snowing and I almost can't stand it anymore.  I had so many hopes pinned on March!

Even though it's off to a somewhat disappointing start, it's not going to get to me.  BUT, it's made me realize I need to turn the dial on my attitude from "ugh, not again" to "happy."

And here we are.

So, today, I'm happy for no homework.
I'm happy for a beautiful day yesterday and the warm sun on my face, even if it was short-lived.
I'm happy for a great run on Saturday, and for powering through my 3-mile slump to 5 miles (and could have done more).  Nice.
I'm happy for coffee.  Always happy for coffee.
I'm happy for sweet friends.  And for friends who are hairdressers and can undo my mishaps.
I'm happy for a laid back son who had such faith in me to cut his hair.  
I'm happy he's still speaking to me.
I'm happy for teachers who take a weekend day to arrange a special, optional, field trip to help her students see and experience what they've been studying.  
I'm happy for boots.  Always.  Boots and coffee might be my two favorite things.  And extra dirty gin martinis.
I'm happy for a day to be stuck inside so I can stop avoiding the laundry and the bathrooms.  (keeping it real, folks)
I'm happy my children remembered to brush their teeth.  Wait, did they?

It's the little things.
Happy Monday!


Love this!! Spring is coming...I just know it! And as much as I'm over the snow, some time to both relax and get things done around the house has been nice!
Lauren said…
Love this post and your blog!


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