In a Rut

You know things are bad when your daughter walks into your room on your day off, sees you are wearing an actual outfit ON YOUR DAY OFF, and says "why do you look so fancy?"

And by outfit I mean jeans, boots, a flowy top or sweater.  Or jeans, flats and a blazer.  Or, gasp, a dress!  With boots!  And a scarf!

Mostly, this is because it doesn't happen very often lately.  On my days off, I am always trying to pack in a run in between all the things moms have to do while maximizing the hours their children are at school.  Which means I dress the part in the HOPES that it will happen.  For me, the right duds can drum up motivation that may be lacking.  Often, it doesn't, but at least I look athletic.  In my mind anyway.

Of course, in my mind, this is what I look like when I am running.  And the clothes add to my delusion.  But it makes it more fun to run, trust me.

I'm always confused when she says this, and perhaps a little embarrassed.  And let's be honest, when I do don normal clothes, it tends to be my "uniform" -- striped shirt (orange on cream, navy on cream, white on navy, black on white, pink/navy, mustard/tan or white on coral - I may have a sickness), skinny jeans (these or these) and boots (these or these).  It's easy, it's fail safe and it's a look that's totally me.

I used to be better than this.  I used to be able to whip up outfits like nobody's business.  Now trying to do so makes my head want to explode.

I used to have time to try on a million different combinations, until I found just the right one.  Having children changes that.  And getting them ready for school.  And not really going anywhere beyond my errand spots.  Because indecision is wasted time and someone always ALWAYS needs immediate assistance when you are trying your darndest to concentrate on the blouses in your closet and which neckline will work with your most recent BaubleBar purchase.  And also if you're supposed to wear socks with booties and are your jeans supposed to bunch up like that?  And can you really pull off booties anyway?

Sigh.  I really need to get out more.  I mean, seriously.  I need somewhere to go that isn't TJMaxx, Target, Old Navy or Kroger.  The sad, sad truth.

Or maybe I need to (a la my workout clothes) Just Do It.  I see tons of cute outfits on Pinterest and some of the blogs I read.  I admire these women because they always look phenomenal.  Makes me wonder where they go all the time.  I mean, are they looking that fabulous in their leopard kitten heels and polka dot blazer (which I wore to a recent dinner out -- no stripes!) at the market?  Returning books to the library in an armful of jangly bracelets and a statement necklace?  Buying crickets at PetSmart while wearing a crisp white blouse, floral tulip skirt and Tory Burch flats?

Why not?

I need some adventure in my life and maybe it needs to come from my wardrobe.  I have my pinboard on Pinterest, but I also have a whole file on my computer with looks I like.  Call me crazy.  I even had a brainstorming session with myself one day at work and emailed myself a whole list of outfit ideas!  I am thinking of printing all these pictures out and posting them in my closet.  I'm a visual person.  And in the heat of battle with side braids and errant lacrosse shorts, I NEED that vision where I can see it.  There are too many things in my head.  Just all the things.  All the things that are not fun things like cute outfits.  Case in point, I keep seeing a cute skirt I just bought and thinking "oh my gosh, I have this skirt!"  That's happened three times now.

See what I mean?

I'm challenging myself to do more.  It's time to tap into my creative streak and break out of my rut.  I may not look like these stylish women on Pinterest, but I can try!

And won't it be nice to not get the shocked "why do you look so fancy?" on a regular basis.

Or maybe, MAYBE just the opposite.


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