Tooth Fairy Fail

It happened.

Again.  (hangs head in shame)

The Tooth Fairy forgot to make an appearance.  To be fair, she had only visited us the night before, leaving with a hefty haul of 4 teeth.

And then yesterday, surprise!  T lost a tooth.  I didn't even know it was loose.

As most 7-year-olds would be, he was excited.  Excited enough to tell his babysitter when she came to pick up her check.  Jumping up and down a little.  Eyes twinkling.  When your children smile, reaaaaalllly smile, and you can see it in their eyes and you know, you just KNOW how happy they are?

That was T.

This morning, T came into our room, leaned against the bed, and said in his little voice "the Tooth Fairy didn't come."

You know that screeching sound you get in your head when you realize you've really messed up?  It's the sound of a car crash, record needle scratch and and piano dropping from the sky all at once.  And then silence.  The deathly quiet of guilt.  That was me.

"Oh, buddy, she's very busy.  She probably just didn't have time.  She was just here the night before...maybe she got confused?"

"Yeah.  Maybe."

"Why don't we take the tooth to DeeDee and PopPop's, and she can come there."

"Ok."  And he padded out of the room.

Lying there, I was hit with the gut wrenching realization that the Tooth Fairy is hit or miss around here. Which is a sad truth to admit.  I consoled myself with the thought that one day, when we're all gathered around the dining room table for dinner -- us old and gray/still amazingly blonde (!), them with their spouses/significant others -- we'll get a good laugh out of it.  I know hope we will.

But I don't really feel any better.

And that doesn't make today's disappointment go away.  I told T that even the Tooth Fairy makes mistakes, but typically, she makes up for her transgressions the next night with an even bigger reward.  Something to look forward to!  "But she forgot me last time too," was his response.

Womp womp.  Mom guilt times ten.  I try to make peace with my imperfections as a mother, but I can't forgive myself this one.  Not this time.

It's happened to all of them.  Scratch that, it only happens to the boys.  Little Meems still won't let the Tooth Fairy in her room, so I have to put her teeth under MY pillow.  W doesn't believe anymore, although he won't admit it for fear of not receiving anything.  He's just in it for the moola.  T, on the other hand, still believes in the magic.  But if I keep this up, not for long.

I know I'm not the only mom out there to miss this event.  I do get it right, more often than not, but I'm not perfect.  That's no excuse, but it is a reason.  And I come to terms with that realization every day.  It's like God's little reminder to be humble, and without pride.

The Tooth Fairy's pulling out all the stops tonight.  Money, a note, gum...she might even throw in a little fairy dust for good measure.  She'll bring the magic.

I don't want to lose that magic.  Not just yet.  Because he's my baby.  Because he's excited.  Because, really, this is the easiest money he'll make in his life.  Because the happy, smiley eyes get me every time.

Because THAT, my friends, is true magic.


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