Happy Monday

Last week, my boys went to spend some time with their grandparents.  We had Little Meems to ourselves for a whole week, and while she enjoyed the one-on-one time (who doesn't occasionally?) she was quickly bored and lonely.  Middle child syndrome -- they don't know how to be alone.  Or rather, they don't like to be alone. We did mani/pedis, went to dinner, daddy/daughter dates, sleepovers, and finally a canoe trip down the river.  It was lovely.  

On Sunday, we brought the boys home.  As I sat in the car, I listened to the three of them chit chat.  I listened to them fuss at each other.  I listened to them playing car games and seeing who could hold onto the overhead bar the longest.  I listened to them extolling the virtues of Ice flavored water, declaring it "delicious," and "extra yummy" and "so refreshing!"  I marveled at how something as simple as fancy flavored sparkling water could bring such a thrill.  It reminded me how innocent they all are.  How little, really. Babies. My babies.

As I woke up on Monday, the house felt different to me.  Full.  Warm.  Bustling. Too noisy for being so early in the morning.   


And I realized with a smile that all was right again in my world.  That my universe had come back into balance.  My cup was again full.  

And that made it a happy Monday.


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