Moving On

It is almost over.  The last week of school.  Can I get a hallelujah?!

Between parties and field trips and picnic lunches and SOLs and contributions to this and to that and short days and school performances and deadlines at work and rearranging schedules and business trips and back to back (and sometimes simultaneous) practices and the influx of school supplies being sent home…my cup (and my trash can) runneth over.

But so does my heart.

Because, for Will, what's also over is his elementary school career.

My baby!  All grown up.  Where did the little baby I put on the bus for the first time so long ago go?

First day of school.

You know, the little baby with rosebud lips, hair that stuck straight up, and big blue eyes?  The kid that drooled incessantly and kicked the bed to fall asleep?  The kid that was on the move as soon as he developed limbs?  I look at him and I can’t see that baby, but I can see pieces of that baby…the mouth, the auburn hair, the big blue eyes, although he’s grown into them now.  He doesn’t drool anymore, thankfully.  He was a good, easy and easy-going baby…that hasn’t changed either.  He is as chill and even-keeled as ever.

He is as active as ever.  In fact, I don't have any shots of him where he's not moving.

I’m proud of the kid he is, nervous about the teen he’ll be, excited to see the man he’ll become.

Mostly, I am grateful beyond words for the blessing in our lives named Will.


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