Did You Know???

Little Meems gave me a fortune teller she made especially for me for Mother's Day.

Under each number is a "did you know?" fact about myself, as she sees me.

Let's just say, it was enlightening.  And also very honest.  Girl tells it like it is.

Did you know sometimes you can be a bit crazy?
Did you know that you can be a bit annoying?
Did you know that you  make things up?
Did you know that you always pinch my buns?
Did you know you drink wine at 4:00 in the afternoon?
Did you know I love you?
Did you know you are the best mom in the whole world?
Did you know I love you more than you could ever imagine?

Now here are some things I would answer in response.
Yes, please don't ever lose your silly.
Yes, but I'm the mom and that's part of my job.
Yes, I make up nicknames and crazy word combos.  They help me express how much I love you.
Yes.  You have cute little buns.  So do your brothers.
Yes.  Wine is tasty.  And sometimes necessary.  And 4:00 is really not all that early.
Yes.  But sometimes it feels like just the opposite.
No.  There's no way that could be true.  There are much better moms out there than me, but I'm trying.
Yes, baby girl.  And trust me, the feeling is mutual.


This is too cute for words! Love that she called you out on your wine habits, hehe!
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Anonymous said…
Beautiful as usual. Happy late Mother's Day to you. Hope it was a great one!

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