This Kid

Is funny.
Is irreverent.
Is curious.
Is creative.
Is imaginative.
Is smart.
Is sensitive.
Is his own person, completely.

He writes songs, passes up ballgames so he can focus on the blueprint for his next invention, makes robots out of paper. 

 Loves science.  Loves nature.  Loves Captain America.  Loves animals.  Loves mustaches.  Loves stories.  

He recently spent two rain-soaked days looking for a frog in the backyard, to no avail.  Finally his dad took him to the pet store, where too much money, many hugs, and “best day evers” later, he added two fire-bellied toads to his little family.  Meet Cuff and Link. 


The truth is, this kid never asks for anything.  He doesn’t mind hand-me-downs, is content with one pair of sneakers to last the whole year, and doesn’t mind that the outdoor toys he’s finally old enough to enjoy have pieces missing.  He’s content in his brother’s old lacrosse helmet, old sports jerseys with the names of players who are no longer active, and the smallest room (but with the coolest bed).  

So when he does want something, it’s been thought out thoroughly and planned for accordingly.  And wished for silently, but fervently.  He has hoped for it in his head, as well as his heart.  

When he does want something, it’s hard to say no.  Not impossible, but definitely hard.

So now we have two fire belly toads.  They are poisonous.  They eat crickets doused in calcium.  Live crickets.  

He has spent a good deal of his free time watching them.  Observing how Link is chill and Cuff is aggressive. Cuff tries to escape, gets mad and knocks Link from his perch on the log.  He loves those little guys.

And getting to love them makes him the happiest boy on earth.  

Who could ever say no to that?


He seems like such a cool little guy! Don't let those poisonous frogs get loose, hehe!

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