Tate is 7 today.

A planned-for total surprise.

He is a darling. (I might be a little biased).

He is funny, irreverent, creative, imaginative, smart and affectionate.

Inquisitive.  Introspective.  Lover of animals.  Lover of adventure.

Self motivated, most of his biggest accomplishments (tying his shoes, telling time, utilizing money, riding a bike) have happened almost entirely on his own.

He is quick tempered.  But so are his parents.  We all are working on that.

He's entirely his own person.  And always has been.

Full of life and sugar.

Are you sensing a theme here?

I love how you can see his little chub rolls underneath the costume.


 Happy birthday to my amazing, sweet, blessed little T-Bone.


What a beautiful tribute to your little boy, seven is such a fun age! He is adorable and I can tell so full of life! Can't wait to hear how he liked his pocket watch!

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