Let it Snow!

It is raining cats and dogs.

It has been raining cats and dogs for days.  DAYS, I tell you.

Just look at my yard.

I fear the dog will get sucked into the muck when she goes outside to relieve herself.  I think she must fear it too, as we’ve had an inordinate number of accidents in the last few days.

I feel like I am on the THRESHOLD OF HELL.

No playing outside.  No recess.  No shooting hoops.  No riding bikes.  No 500.  No walking the dog.  No running.  No fresh air.  No nothing.

And now they’re calling for an indecent amount of snow.  I say “indecent” because, while wonderful and exciting for kids, we live in Richmond.  Which means that this 6” or so (which is significant around here) they are calling for will equal at least a week of total shut down.

Thank goodness we have all the snow gear.  I buy snow boots at least 2 sizes too big, so that I am not running out in a panic at this kind of time trying in vain to locate them.  I've been informed that may be slightly ridiculous, but there's nothing worse than buying the kids snow boots every winter to have them and then not use them.

Thank goodness we have groceries.  Have you ever tried grocery shopping in Richmond after a forecast of snow?  Thank goodness we have wine.  And bourbon.  Judge me if you will, but that’s how we Richmonders do snow.  Spirits are a must, or spirits are a bust.  I just made that up!

I’m excited about the snow, actually.  Normally, I have mixed emotions.  This time, it means fresh air, physical activity and lots and lots of hot chocolate.  The kids are SUPERDUPEREXCITEDOHMYGOSH!  I overheard the boys discussing building snowmen.  And then blowing them up.  And videotaping it with Tate’s new camera.

That’s how we roll.

As a mother, I should probably discourage this endeavor.  However, I’m kind of dying to try it.  Gosh, I love having boys.


So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  Bring it on, storm whatever-your-name is!


Your description of Richmond snow was perfect..I'm actually kind of sad the snow didn't stick around longer!

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