Happy Monday, and Happy Birthday

Today, I am happy for this guy.

Today is his 11th birthday, and later we'll open presents, but really, I'm the one who gets the best gift every year.  

After years of struggle, he gave me the gift of motherhood.

I could not be more grateful for him.  He has changed my life in so many wonderful ways.

He is an amazing child.  Strong, independent, silly, smart, fearless, trustworthy, energetic, funny, sensitive and quick witted.  

A good friend.  A good brother.

A good kid.

He has given us an eventful week.  Last Monday, he was admitted to the hospital with blood poisoning.  Which is no joke.  
An "impressive" streak.

IV's are no fun.  Look at his little jammies.  They say "tired little tiger."  We had a good laugh over those!

Happy to be going home in time for trick or treat.

This Monday, we're happy to be home and that he's still with us to celebrate.  It could have been much, much different.  

I'm happy for energetic friends who made his birthday extra special with a sleepover.  I am also grateful for good weather, as they were outside playing football by 8:00am yesterday morning.
All that energy is much, MUCH better spent outdoors.

Happy happy birthday to my most wonderful Will Man.  Although I miss the days when you were happiest to nap in my arms, I welcome and embrace the kid you've become, and the man you're growing up to be.  You make me laugh every day.  You make me smile constantly.  You have introduced me to a world I never knew and have given me the wonderful gift of a mom's bond with her son.  You're so easy, and always have been, that sometimes I worry I take you for granted, especially when I'm struggling with whatever crises your siblings or life in general might present.
I don't.  It's those moments that make me appreciate your quiet strength and sensitivity even more.  

Your dad and I are so blessed.

Love you baby boy.


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