I Need a Vacation from Summer Vacation

My kids are bickering incessantly.

I blame summertime and too much togetherness.  It's super duper hot, which makes everyone cranky.  And they're together all. day. long.  Combine those two and it's a recipe for disaster.

We need a break.  From this house, from the heat, from each other.  Or maybe with each other, but just...away.

Our vacation this year was early in the summer.  A new experience for us and, after the craziness of the last days of school, a welcome change.  But now the rest of the summer stretches before us, no end in sight.

We used to vacation at the end of the summer, which at least gave us something to look forward to.  But it was a looooong wait to get there.

The perfect scenario is smack dab in the middle of July...which falls perfectly into the middle of summer vacation.

Sigh.  That's not to be this year.  I will have to content myself with planning day trips and weekend getaways.    And looking at pictures of the beach.

And pretending I am there.  I think I will make myself a fruity tropical drink to celebrate my vacation away from summer vacation.

Even if it's only in my head.


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