Happy Monday

I have been remiss in my posts lately, especially with regards to my happiness project.  Can you be too happy to write?!

The last three weeks have been all about family.  My sister and I each have three children.  She has a boy sandwiched between two girls; I have the opposite.  Poor Little Meems has struggled to find her footing this summer among brothers who are becoming increasingly close.  Seems she's usually the odd man out in any given sibling situation.  It's hard to watch.  I know she wishes for a sister (a fact that she reminded me of just the other day and instructed me to, if I ever hear of a baby we can have, speak up, but only if it's, like, a dollar or something), and quite honestly, I'd love to give her that.  But I can't.  So for the last two summers I've given her the next best thing -- cousin time.  My sister and I switch our middle children out for a week.  It's been so successful, and so rejuvenating for those two middle kids, that I foresee this becoming a tradition. 

So, we took my nephew Finn for a week of baseball games, skateboards, pool time, Redskins training camp, burp contests, Legos, etc., and Meems had a week of salon visits, pool time, mani/pedis, girl talk, dolls, and karaoke.  
Little Meems with her "sisters."

Finn getting some well-deserved "brother time."

Last Monday was spent in the car on the 10-hour trip back from Connecticut to Virginia.  A long day and a long trip, but one I will happily endure if it means getting to spend time with my sister.  Who I miss.  A lot.  And now I'm crying.
I know, it's an old picture, but it's the only one I have.

We rounded out the week at my parents' house for a little DeeDee and PopPop time, now the kids are off to Camp Grandparents with their Gran and PopPop.

Happy for family!

Today, I'm also happy for a little time without the kiddos.  Gotta go figure out what to do with  myself!


ItsJustMeg said…
What a great idea! Little Meems looks so in her element!

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