God is Goode

Today was student-led conference day at my children's school.

Student-led conferences find the children putting together portfolios of their work and their progress throughout the year.  They assign themselves goals and rank their current skills, then at the end of the year they rate their progress.  It encourages accountability and awareness of the impact of what they're learning.

In addition to their portfolios, they also present to the parents their Expeditions.  Their school is an Expeditionary Learning school.  
"Expeditionary Learning is an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning that seeks to improve school culture by making the curriculum more active and by motivating the students to go deeper, work harder, and do more than they thought they could. This school design model is an outgrowth of Outward Bound and strives to develop both the character and the intellect of the students." 
Each year, their work is inspired by and revolves around an expedition.  This year, the Kindergarten expedition was "Fit for Life."  The students learned about fitness, healthy eating and how the body works.  My husband and I were impressed at Tate's diagrams of the heart with all its ventricles and arteries, as well as his drawing of the human body and all its organs.  Not bad for 5 and 6 year olds!  

Score a win for the school!

Then we came to this.  

This was the first draft of his heart diagram, before he knew about ventricles and arteries.

"That's God in my heart."

Score a win for mom and dad.


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