It Might Be Time

My T is an imaginative one.  Creative and quirky.  When he plays, he goes all in.  When he pretends, he completely surrenders to his world of make believe.

He's also my sensitive one.  Loving and sweet and kind.

He has always loved dogs.  Our dog, my parents' dog, his aunt and uncle's dog....  As soon as he could move, he found Churchill and hugged him.  When he would play as a toddler, you could often find him pulling out a toy and dragging it over to the dog, where he would sit next to Churchill, just being comfortable in his company.  His first word was "dog."  His first sentence "where dog go?"

When Churchill died, he made a sign that said "I love you Church" and carried Church's picture around.  Every so often, he would kiss the picture or tell Churchie he missed him.  They had a connection.  He was so crazy about that dog.

The other day, I was doing laundry when T came to me with a piece of paper and some scissors. He asked me if he could cut the paper.  I said he could.  I asked him what he was making.  He said, "a plate."


Later, I called him down to lunch.  He came down with a box.  In this box was a wooden frog (that his grandparents had brought him from New Zealand).  His "plate" was taped to the bottom of the box, with a little frog on it.  T explained that the frog's name is Beans, and the little frog is actually a fly but we have to use our imaginations because he can't find a real one (actually a plastic one.  Yes, we have a stash of plastic flies  somewhere).  In his little sweet voice, he explained to me that Beans needed some rocks, so we went outside and found some small stones, just the right size for Beans to sun himself on.

Beans Eating Lunch

Beans spent the day with Tate, and now is tucked away in Tate's room.  He moves around, sometimes sunning himself on his rocks, other times enjoying a tasty meal or snoozing.

And it is so perfectly clear to me...this kid needs a pet.  For him to transfer his love to a wooden frog is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.  This boy needs a dog to love.

And oh, what a lucky dog that will be.


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