Peace on Earth

One thing I have always loved is the sight of a sleeping child.  Specifically, my sleeping children.

As babies, I used to stand in the doorways of their rooms and watch them sleep.  Often, I'd call my husband in to watch too.  It's amazing to have that time to reflect on the wonder of God's little miracles.  On days when it was crazy, the sight of their sleeping bodies restored my faith that everything was going to be fine.  That sudden surge of's God's way of saying "you can do this."

I, still, every night before I go to bed, sneak into their rooms to give them a little kiss, straighten covers and just look at them.  They are growing up so fast and I'm not ready.  Somehow, no matter how old and how mature they look and seem during the day, in slumber they look just like they did when they were babies.  Innocent and sweet and angelic.

My sister and I used to have a nickname for bedtime.  We'd call it "peace on earth."

My Christmas wish this year?

Peace on earth, everlasting.


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