I got dressed for the bus stop this morning.

Not "dressed" like you hear about some moms doing...looking cute and stylish for no particular reason first thing in the morning.  Although, I do TRY that occasionally.  It never ceases to amaze me how much I can get done at home if I look cute.  Weird.  But usually I wait until after the bus leaves, so I can take a shower without having to locate someone's shoe or fix the toothpaste because someone squeezed it too hard.

If I'm not working, my bus stop attire is yoga pants and a fleece.  These days, I've been mixing it up with a black down jacket and, sometimes, striped gloves.

This morning, however, I wanted to seize the day because there are a million things to do.  So I donned some jeans, put on a turtleneck sweater, my Frye boots and some (gasp) mascara.

Which stopped Meems dead in her tracks.

"Are you going to work today?"
"No, honey, I can't wear jeans to work."
"Then why do you look so fancy?"

It has come to this.  "Fancy" for me now is pants that aren't stretched out because I may or may not have also slept in them.  Fancy is a ponytail that's not covered by a ball cap.  Fancy is the tiniest little bit of makeup.  Basically, any sort of proof that I haven't given up completely.

Heck, I even brushed my teeth!

Wonder what she'd say about that?!!


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